The resort town of Sunset Crest, is located in Holetown which is located in the parish of St. James. Holetown is steeped in rich history being the exact spot where the first settlers landed and claimed the island in the name of King James 1 of England. The area, although first names St. James in honour of the King, was later changed to Holetown, St. James. St. James is the smallest of all the parishes on the island but here is where the most luxurious hotels and villas are located. This area is also given the nickname the “Platinum Coast”.

Places of Interest

You will find in Holetown, a snorkeler’s paradise in the Folkstone Underwater Park and Museum. Visitors can view the reef and marine life in a glass-bottomed boat or jump right in with your snorkel gear and see the museums treasures, which include corals, artefacts, sponges and millions of tropical fish.

You will also find in St. James, 2 minutes from Holetown, one of the few great plantation houses still standing. It is called Porters House and although new construction has been added to this magnificant house, the original structure has been partially preserved.

Another magnificant house with was built by Mr. Ronald Tree in 1947 on 20 acres of land, is Heron Bay Great House. Designed to represent the Italian Palazzo style, you can tour this house on open days which are organized by the Barbados National Trust. Other National Trust houses in the area can also be toured on various days.

Also located in the parish of St. James, is the island’s major sugar factory, Portvale. Although it is Barbados’ newest sugar factory, you can tour the museum which has been set up to teach you about sugar and the history of the sugar cane industry.

St. James Parish Church in Holetown is one of the four oldest churches on the island. Practicing the Anglican faith, St. James Church was originally built in 1847 on the same site as the first wooden church built by the first settlers. St. James Parish Church is the venue for many elegant tea parties and flower shows.

The Holetown Methodist Church is also located in Sunset Crest and is situated closest to the activities of the area.


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